GAD-7 Anxiety Test

The GAD-7 is a multipurpose test that helps providers and patients evaluate the severity of anxiety. Please note that the purpose of this self-assessment form is purely educational. If you feel like you or a loved one are suffering from moderate to severe anxiety, please see a licensed professional therapist who can help.

Please select answers that best reflect the frequency with which the statement applies to you.

How often have you been bothered by the following over the past 2 weeks?


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Interpretation of Results

[0 - 4]: No symptoms of anxiety.
No signs of anxiety. Stay educated and ensure you maintain your mental health

[5 - 9]: Mild symptoms of anxiety.
It’s good to monitor your emotional state. Education on causes of anxiety and awareness will help.

[10 - 14]: Moderate symptoms of anxiety.
Awareness is very important at this stage. If these symptoms have lasted longer than one month, it is a good idea to see a therapist and engage in psychotherapy.

[15 + ]: Severe symptoms of anxiety.
If you aren’t already, it is highly recommended that you see a therapist.